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Catholic Guild of JFK (formerly of New York International Airport) was founded on September 20, 1952, and is to promote, foster, and maintain Catholicism and Our Lady of the Skies Chapel, located on the 4th floor of Terminal 4.

Any person is eligible for membership in the Guild, which is annually renewed by paying the dues for the fiscal year.

Membership in the Guild consists of two categories: General Membership and Executive Board Membership.

Currently, the Guild consists of about 300 members located nationwide under the leadership of the president, Alfred DePhillips.

The Board is meeting several times a year in order to pray, discuss important issues concerning the Guild and the Chapel, and organize the Annual Luncheon.

The Airport Chaplain serves as the Chaplain to the Catholic Guild as well. On a monthly basis, he offers a Mass for all living and deceased members of the Catholic Guild and their families.

If you are interested in joining the Catholic Guild of John F. Kennedy International Airport, please contact Our Lady of the Skies Chapel at (718) 656-5348, email at

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