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Strollers from the Skies


The Strollers from the Skies is a project in partnership with JFK's Terminal 4 (JFK IAT) and Our Lady of the Skies Chapel. In practical terms: many people travel via air with their children. Upon reaching their destination (in this case it's JFK airport), they just simply leave their strollers behind without taking them back. Since they are unclaimed they get to the storage room. One may think it is an extremely rare instance but it is not! Effectively we are talking approximately about 20-30 strollers a month. Of course, we see different kinds of strollers from simple umbrella ones to what we call "super yachts". The condition of these strollers varies from almost brand new to really heavily used, yet in most cases, they are still quite good. That is why we deliver most of them to THE BRIDGE TO LIFE organization in College Point. We have, however, enough of them to give to other interested mothers/parents. 

If you are interested in getting a free stroller, please contact our Office.

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