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We are open to accommodating groups at the Chapel for meetings, prayer services and Masses. Sometimes we can say a Mass for you, or you can come with your own priest. In such case, he does not have to bring his alb, stole or anything else; our Chapel is fully equipped to handle this. We have 28 chairs in the Chapel, but we can always add a few more to meet your needs. Please let us know in advance if you would like to arrange a Chapel for your group by calling us at (718) 656-5348, emailing, or filling out the FORM. Make sure that you notify us at LEAST 24 HOURS in advance. We are not available 24/7, so your arrangement in advance is crucial. 


We want you to be realistic about your visit to our Chapel: If you are arriving at any terminal you will HAVE TO LEAVE THE SECURE AREA in order to come to our chapel. If you are not arriving at Terminal 4, please calculate that you have do some walking and take the AirTrain. Even at Terminal 4 it could be a significant walking distance (up to 30 minutes), especially when it comes to people who might have some difficulties walking. If your group is not well organized and focused, some members can get lost in the retail area, or the Mass set up may take a few additional minutes as well.


Please consider at least an hour between leaving our chapel, getting on the AirTrain and getting through the security. To make long story short, you need at least 2 hours between your arrival at JFK and your boarding time in order to comfortably use our Chapel. That does not count in any extra time for meals, snacks, or bathroom breaks.


When arranging with us, have your flight numbers handy so that we could track your flight and be alerted about any delays without you notifying us. Sometimes we are able to meet you at the arrivals hall when you arrive, walk you to the Chapel and then walk you to your check-in station.

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