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Lauretan Jubilee: December 8, 2019—December 10, 2021


For a century pilots and travelers have prayed to the Virgin Mary to keep them safe while in the air. Marking this milestone anniversary of the declaration of Our Lady of Loreto as the patron saint of aviation and aviators, earlier in 2019 Pope Francis conceded a Lauretan Jubilee for all air travelers.

This Jubilee is also a “traveling Jubilee”. One image of the Virgin will touch the airports of the regions of Italy (from Turin to Bari, from Venice to Palermo; 21 flights, details may be consulted in the folder); another will visit the military departments and the other will travel to the main airports of the five continents (from Buenos Aires to New York, from Toronto to the main European capitals, from Beirut to Manila and the Fiji Islands). These travels will represent the Mother’s embrace of the whole world.

Due to COVID-19, the Jubilee Year has been extended until December 10, 2021

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